First Korean visit souvenirs!

After my first (and kinda short, sadly) visit to Korea, I’m really positive that many ones are coming!
I’ll write a series of posts about the visit, but for now I’d love to show the souvenirs I got.

Of course I could have gotten more, but time really wasn’t on my side, so these are what I managed to get at the gift shop in the airport!



These two are the CUTEST thing I’ve ever seen, I just keep looking at them all day!
I guess at a past life they were a very happy couple! 😀



The Cutest bunny I’ve seen wearing a tiara and a Korean Hanbok,
I don’t even wanna use it, I’m afraid it’ll get too dirty! 😀



CORRECTION: These are the CUTEST thing I’ve ever seen!
They even have a story of their own, here goes:
“Kyunwoo and Jiknyu .. Long time ago in the paradise a shepherd boy Kyunwoo and a loomer girl Jiknyu were in love that they neglected their duties often. The lord of the paradise got angry and punished them by separating the lovers from each pother as far away as the opposite end of the milky way, with only one meeting day a year: July the seventh. But the constellation was too far away, the could not cross it. The lovers cried all year long, and the tears flooded the earth. Then on the 7th of July, an enormous flock of crows and magpie started forming a giant bridge across the sky, so that the lovers could get together once a year. Since then, the lovers stopped crying all year long, but on the 7th of July  the tears of joy of being together rains on earth every year” 

So sweet, right?



These as I’m guessing are soju cups, but I guess I’ll never use them, I might ruin them.
Each have a cute illustration of certain Korean traditions. it’s so well-drawn. 



A purse (as you can clearly see!)
But since I’m a sucker for the color pink, butterflies, and purses. I had to get this!



A Korean fan, I tried to capture the drawings on it, since they’re really pretty!
It’s actually not of these cheap stuff you would get for someone and they would break the next day!
It’s actually really good, and pretty!



Pink and a butterfly, you get the idea right? 😀



Since I’m such a bookworm, I got myself some bookmarks!
They”re so pretty that I wanted to buy a dozen of them!
currently I’m using the girl, which is supposedly a traditional Korean singer and dancer.



And of course souvenir pens are important, one set has “I Love Korea”, “I Love Seoul”, “I Love Korea, N-Seoul Tower .. etc” on it. The other set has miniature figures of Korean ancient characters in Korean traditional clothing. 




A glass of sujo, since I couldn’t drink it (can’t drink Alcohol)
instead I bought it and it’s currently hanging from my mobile.
it actually looks quite impressive. 😀



Super Junior mini poster!
They look so … HOT!



I was so happy getting those ❤
Yunho & Changmin’s faces are priceless :3

Well, that’s it.
These are the souvenirs I managed to get at the gift shop.
of course I wanted to get more, but damn they were kinda expensive.

But I was happy~ 😀


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