Expectations & what they do.

A guy you like tells you on a day he likes your straight pretty hair. The surprise is when your hair is wavy and on that specific day you decided to go to some salon and get it straightened. You feel obligated to have your hair straight to eternity. 

A story I could relate to very much, I even was shocked seeing “Ouran High School Host Club” anime, there was this girl who liked Tamaki went through, she even hated the rain because it would ruin what she did for her hair!

Love shouldn’t be about obligations. I should straighten my wavy hair whenever I feel like not because he likes it that way. I don’t have to hate my wavy hair, just because of that reason, right?

Expectations are really hard, especially when you try to hard to fulfill them and yet somehow you fail, miserably. 

Just Some blabbering, these days I’m watching “Boys Over Flowers” the Korean version. I will be back with an awesome review! 

I have a question, do gifs in my “You’re Beautiful” post appear as gifs, do they move, all of them?

I was wondering, because on my browser they’re not moving at all! 😀


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