“Itazura na Kiss” ~ Anima/Manga Review

I’m back~


This time it’s not a drama review, but an anime & manga, for the un-finished manga and completed perfect anime “Itazura na Kiss”. Everyone would know it because it had two Thai adaptations, Japanese adaptation, Korean adaptation, and an anime adaption; it’s quite amazing, right?

“Itazura na Kiss” is a manga that was unfortunately unfinished because of the sudden death of the mangka, but her husband told the anime producers about the ending she had intended, s the ending in the anime is the ending that we never got to see in manga (RIP, great Kaoru Tada).

Of course I’ve read the manga and anime almost in one week (that’s how much excited I was), and it left me crying for more! Of course I intended to watch the Thai versions, but I’m not that into Thai so I’ll pass. And the Japanese version is so missing in details (it doesn’t even have the part when they get married!) and it’s too old, so I’ll pass too!

I guess I’ll watch the Korean version, Playful Kiss. But now let’s get with the preview~

  • Info:


Name: Itazura na Kiss, Playful Kiss, イタズラなKiss, It Started With a Kiss, Teasing Kiss, Mischievous Kiss
Genre: Shoujo, Romance, Comedy.
Mangka: Kaoru Tada
Date: 1990 – 1999
(Manga) Volumes: 23
(Anime) Episodes: 25
Adaptions: Japanese Adaption (1996), 2 Thai adaption (2005 & 2007), Anime (2008) and Korean adaption (2010).

  • Plot:


In the romantic comedy story, a high school girl named Kotoko finally tells a fellow senior named Naoki that she has loved him from afar since she saw him on their first day of high school. However, Naoki, a hottie who is a genuis and good at sports, rejects her offhand. Fate intervenes when a mild earthquakeruins Kotoko’s family house. While the house gets rebuilt, Kotoko and her dad stay at the home of her dad’s childhood friend…whose son is Naoki. Naoki eventually falls for Kotoko and starts to have romantic, protective feelings for her.

  • Characters:


Kotoko Aihara: She’s your ordinary shoujo girl, a little stupid, clumsy, cute, lovable, and would do ANYTHING to make that guy hers. I love her and I love her determination, you’ve got to admit it’s hard to get rejected this number of times an still have hope. She’s been in love with Naoki Irie for three years before she finally gathered up her power to confess only to get rejected (one time after another). She seems like a person with no dreams or hopes except to be at Naoki’s side forever; she even decides to become a nurse for his sake. But as it turns out, she became one bloody good nurse, it’s like she’s meant for this job. She’s so sweet and clumsy but at times can be TOO naïve. But there’s this one thing I hate, WHY THE HELL DOES SHE STILL CALL HIM IRIE-KUN EVEN AFTER BEING MARRIED AND HAVING A CHILD? I can’t feel the relationship!


Naoki Irie: the cold genius handsome hero, I’ve got to admit that he’s too handsome, that I’ve fell for him even though he’s not real! He’s the genius who keeps rejecting Kotoko time after another but as time passes starts to have feelings for her and ends up falling in love. Though he’s still somehow (a lot) cold even after their marriage he can be so darn sweet at times (like her birthday episode ❤ ). He ends up being a doctor and an actual human being, all thanks to Kotoko, who not only helped him to come up with a dream of his own but also to have some soul. Sadly we don’t see enough emotions coming out from this cold guy, just bursts of sweetness at times. I’d have loved to see him gradually changing because of Kotoko.


The Family: possibly one of the best manga/anime families ever! Kotoko’s father, Shigeo, isn’t that influential but he can say some wise stuff, like the time he advised Naoki to be his “true self” around Kotoko. Irie family on the other hand is adorable. The Mother, Machiko, is the best mother-in-law any girl would ask for, she fell in love with Kotoko even before Naoki did, and she’s the live of the show! Yuuki, the younger brother, hates kotoko for being so stupid, but gradually loves her, as she helps him in countless occasions. Shigeo, his father, is a very chubby and lovable man, who finds it hard to accept his son’s decision to become a doctor and not succeed the company, but later on approves.


The Friends: Kotoko’s got to be the heroine with the best (and bizarre) friends. Her friends from the start are, Satomi & Jinko, her besties and almost at the same mental level as her. They’ve witnessed her love story with Naoki and keep on pushing and helping her. Kinnosuke or Kin-Chan is Kotoko’s lover for so many years, which never had the chance to go to college so he ends working at her dad’s restaurant to be later on a great chef and opens his own restaurant. He’s rejected by Kotoko, but rest assured he’ll find himself a cute foreign wife, Chris. Chris was originally set to marry Naoki, as a business relation, but it doesn’t happen because of Naoki and her feelings, he loves Kotoko, and she loves Kinnosuke, THAT’S RIGHT! She even sees that he’s more handsome than Naoki, get an eyeglasses, woman.



She meets a couple of good friends at college too, The Matsumoto sisters, Yuuko & Ayako, who at the start both fall for Naoki, but later on gets their love stories going. I really liked them, even though Yuuko at any times was pretty annoying. There’s Sudou Senpai, the Tennis meniac who is in love with Yuuko, they eventually get married because of the way he kept following her for 10 years, he could be Kotoko’s counterpart in following your crush till they finally give in.


She met also some sweet characters at the nursing faculty, when she transferred there. Firstly her admirer who sparks the jealousy in Naoki for the first time, Keita Kamogari. He soon backs out after realizing how much she loves Naoki. And her three new besties, Tomoko, who looks like an angel but loves scary stuff. Marina, who’s studying nursing just to marry a doctor, and finally Motoki, who is a boy but prefers to act and be treated as a girl, (He’s way too girly that it’s scary). She met so many sweet characters but it’s hard to keep up with all of them.

  • Anima/Manga Differences:


The manga is more detailed but of course it ended sooner than intended because of the unfortunate death of the manga-ka. But here are some differences.

–         The anime left behind some important arcs, like when Naoki started to live by himself for a while.

–          The fact that Chibi is their dog, they left out the whole “Kotoko is afraid of dogs” part.

–         Kotoko realizing her dream, in the manga being a nurse was only an option she thought of because of Naoki. But in the anime it’s the only that would enable her to follow naoki, sheesh.

–         Satomi & Jinko’s relationships are totally left out in the anime, so in the end we see a shot where they’re both happily married.

–         Many of the events at school were crammed or even deleted at the anime, but I’m not opposing, it wasn’t that important.

–         Many characters were left out in the anime, but again I’m not objecting.

  • Review:


It’s a typical shoujo love story that goes AFTER the kiss and happy ending. It shows you the relationship. There are jealousy, many misunderstandings, ice to break between the couple, and a lifetime to understand each other, and a cute baby girl named Kotomi.

Also the romance scenes are too sweet, these photos I found mainly gathers the important lovey-dovey scenes (waaaaah :$):



The music in the anime is really sweet and very suitable. And the artwork is cute and very very pretty, the manga drawing was so-so, because it’s an old manga maybe, but the story makes up for it. I have an objection, Naoki is so damn cold! Even after all these years~


  • Rating: 5/5, because I was actually sleep-deprived for four days to finish this anime & manga, and I kept wanting more. But it ended the right ending, a happy loving family~



3 thoughts on ““Itazura na Kiss” ~ Anima/Manga Review

  1. Even if you don’t really go for thai, The Taiwanese version is the best of the versions out there so far. It is definately my favorite in terms of trueness to the storyline and over all-ness. There is the new Japanese Itazura na Kiss, and it isn’t as boring as the original.

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