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I’m back with another drama, and a review full of spoilers (Some serious ones), and a photo spam. I watched “Dream High” which story is written by Park Jin Young “JYP” himself, and it’s all about dreams. It certainly charmed me, and left occupied with it for a while. Though there’s a second season, it follows a completely different people with different cast, though some of the original cast appears as cameos, and there is news of season 3. Anyways, here we go with the review.


  • General info:

Title: 드림하이 / Dream High
Genre: School, drama, comedy, romance
Episodes: 16 + 1 special episode

  • Synopsis:


Six students at Kirin High School have the dream of becoming Kpop idols. During their school years, they learn how to develop their singing, songwriting and dancing skills while undergoing personal growth. They also go through their love life and start to develop feelings for each other. Each one of the students has his or her own strengths and weaknesses, but they strive to debut with the support and guidance of each other.

  • Characters:


Go Hye Mi (played by Suzy): The arrogant classic music singer, the one who cared only for herself, honestly I truly hated her at the first two episodes, then she started growing on me as the show proceeded. It was funny seeing her cold attitude and how she transformed into this sweet girl. The whole show you’d think that she’s in love with Jin Guk, while she’s really in love with Sam Dong. My only regret is not enough romantic scenes with Sam Dong, after he found out that she loves him back. She’s truly talented and her attitude that made her lose her friends at the beginning of the show, changes into the complete opposite at the end. She at first, gives up her classic music and decides to enter this academy to repay her father’s debts, but soon after she realizes that this is her real dream.


Song Sam Dong (played by Kim Soo Hyun): The hard-working, sweet, adorable, AMAZING guy, and guess what? FINALLY, the sweet guy wins the girl’s heart, though from what it seems they don’t end up together. I mean, I know it’s not supposed to be a romantic drama, but couldn’t they ease the hearts of people like me and show him ending up with Hye Mi? He’s one amazing actor, and the only actor among the cast of singers, and he did an AMAZING job. The dilemma of his hearing disability totally crushed me, and it’s been a while since I’ve cried for a character this much, I still ache for him. He’s a naive character, who only knows two things in the whole world, music and Hye Mi. he’s this country boy who never had the courage to sing or show his true talents and him being a genius in composing until he’s got the chance to get into Kirin academy. And I actually couldn’t believe that he’s “K”, as Hye Mi said in the last episode he’s the brightest and most successful star among them, yet he’s all alone.


Jin Guk/ Hyun Shi Hyuk (played by Taecyeon):  The rebellious dancer with father issues, he’s the character with an overdose of problems yet I didn’t sympathize with him that much. He’s an illegal child of a political man, who tries to hide his history and son to win the elections, it all changes when his son decides due to some events to become a singer through debuting from Kirin academy, oh, and he’s in love with Hye Mi. It all works out alright with his father, and he manages to debut as a successful singer. He at the end accepts that Hye Mi is in love with Sam Dong, not him. He’s a nice guy, and I totally love his eyes. 😀


Yoon Baek Hee (played by Ham Eun Jung): Hye Mi’s best friend and her enemy during school years. After being in Hye Mi’s shadows for years and looking up to everything she does, when Hye Mi betrays her during the auditions to Kirin she turns into the most horrible creature ever, thankfully she returns to being nice and all by the end of the drama. She really is a complicated character, everyone around even her mother are proud of Hye Mi and never paid attention to her talents, that resulted in her belief that no one is there for her. She also has this crush on Jin Guk, which is one-sided. She really made me sympathize with her in the first episode, then really hate her in the next, she’s good.


Jason (played by Wooyoung): The foreign/Korean guy with the extreme ego, dance moves and awkward English. He’s a dancer and a man with courtesy, which many people mistake for flirting, he also ends up falling for Pilsuk. at the beginning seems like a guy with no passion or motivations to get better, but he starts working hard for her sake. Though he didn’t impress me much, his cute little love story with Pilsuk did.


Kim Pilsuk (played by IU): The fat-turned-thin-then-again-fat girl with beautiful voice and sweet character, she’s my favorite cutesy character. She’s this girl who appears in a sushi outfit because she’s not confident in how she looks, yet her voice is amazing. She’s in love with Jason, and she even loses all her weight for him (which I didn’t like). She’s so sincere, and even after being a singer for a while, she returns to be fat again saying that she’s happy this way.


The Teachers: Uhm Ki Joon (who looks a lot like Lee Seung Gi) as Oh Hyuk was just adorable, like the most inspiring and cutest teacher EVER! And his little love story Kyung Jin (Lee Yoon Ji played her) was amazing, they made me squeal, and she’s so cute. But the star here is the man, JYP himself, he was HILRIOUS. He’s funny, a good dancer, and FUNNY.


Others: Cameos by Bae Yong Joon and Kim Hyun Joong were precious; I love those too just TOO MUCH! Also Lee Teuk and Eun Hyuk made hit the reply button. And Ma Du Shik, the loan shark, who I thought would be evil turned out to be the complete opposite.

  • Acting:


The first thing you’d notice is Kpop stars who could act, especially Taecyeon, Eunjung, and IU. But the master prize in the acting department goes to Kim Soo Hyun, he’s a genius, I’m hoping to see him star in more and more dramas. JYP was amazing himself. You know what? The whole cast, even those who were awkward were good somehow. Also the complications and twists are kinda more realistic than most dramas.

  • Is it funny?
They're dancing "Tell Me Your Wish" by SNSD. Hilarious.

They’re dancing “Tell Me Your Wish” by SNSD. Hilarious.

YES! I was practically tearing from laughter at JYP and Soo Hyun’s roles, both are adorable and hilarious. Also there are some Suzy/Taecyeon funny scenes. Here are some moments.

HAHAHAHA, his outfit!

HAHAHAHA, his outfit!

Bromance moment :D

Bromance moment 😀

  • Is it Romantic/tear-jerking?


Romance is lacking a bit here, especially between the two main lovers, Suzy and Sam Dong, I wanted more moments, and especially since they both like each other. Instead we see more romantic scenes with Suzy and Taecyeon, and she doesn’t even love him. But Pilsuk and Jason scenes are cute, like hell. As for the tears, you’re going to tear A LOT for Soo Hyun’s character, like A LOOOT! So yeah, it’s also tear-jerking.



  • Soundtrack:


The main song “Dream High” is so motivating, yet whenever I hear I felt the emptiness that I finished the drama and want to start it all over again. There are some amazing tracks too, I’m happy that the actors participated in it, “Dreaming” by Kim Soo Hyun is amazing, so is “Someday” by IU, “Winter Child” by Suzy, and “Can’t I Love You” by Changmin and Jinwoon from 2AM.

  • Hotness level/style:
Sam Dong <3

Sam Dong ❤

KIM SOO HYUN, MARRY ME! He’s dorky and cute at the beginning, lovable and sweet in the middle, and HOOOT at the ending, he’s the main Eye candy in this, also Taecyeon looks great. As for style, they’re most of the time in their school uniforms, but I loved Suzy’s and IU’s outfits, also the performances outfits were great!

These outfits are really too kpop-sih.

These outfits are really too kpop-sih.

  • Moments to remember:


A lot, I’ll just leave the pics to do the talking.



The only ones who'd make a flash mob work.

The only ones who’d make a flash mob work.

When Sam Dong found his picture in Hye Mi's wallet, I was squealing like crazy.

When Sam Dong found his picture in Hye Mi’s wallet, I was squealing like crazy.

Remembering the good ol' days.

Remembering the good ol’ days.

  • Did it end well?
The lucky pendant, I want one!

The lucky pendant, I want one!

Eight years later, Hye Mi is a successful singer, so is Jin Guk. Baek Hee is a dance teacher at Kirin Academy. Pilsuk, after a long career, sings to children in a nursery and returned to her older self, saying that she’s happier like this. Jason? Well, he seems to have become successful as well. But the star among them all is the genius Sam Dong, who became the world-wide famous singer “K” who got nominated for a Grammy, big, eh? Oh Hyuk and Kyung Jin married, too. Although I’m a bit disappointed in the ending, I get it, it’s not supposed to focus entirely on their love stories, it’s about their dreams, but I wanted more Hye Mi x Sam Dong moments. They deserve it. I also get irritated by open endings. Also there was this special episode, where they sang the OST songs and had some talk in a mini concert attended by some fans, it was aired after the drama was finished.

Sam Dong when he became "K"

Sam Dong when he became “K”

  • Rating: 5/5, it left me speechless and made me feel all kinds of emotions, I wanted to go out in the streets and accomplish my dreams whatever it is. I completely recommend it

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  1. I love all your reviews. I get them on so many levels. please could you review “oh my ghostess” it would mean a lot. thanx

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